Pilgram’s Way

September 3, 2008


Now that I have nearly finished with the Cornwall Coast Path, I have desided to start the conversion of the Pilgram’s Way.

Although I have not walked this path, it is one of the older books of Richard’s and it has not been republished since he last walked it in 1997-1998.  There is a long process of converting each section from Richard’s old 1996 MAC into a WORD document.  Each of these separate sections are then combined into one file.  I have scanned all of Richard’s working master pages.  These files give me the drawings and the maps saved as finals as JPG files for insertion into the WORD document.  As I have said before it takes about 3-4 weeks for the conversion.

I am starting to slowly develop my skills at Photoshopping and have nearly matched Richard’s cover for the Cornwall Coast Path.  In fact I must say mine is a significantly crisper picture for the back cover.  As with the later books Richard published or re-published he started to place a small insert of the photo from his Bibliography into the back cover picture (rather than a picture of him enjoying the path).  With this spirit I may use one of his very pretty coastal pictures and insert his small picture.  I think he would approved.


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