Starting to Convert Handbook

September 22, 2008

With the new conversion program I have been able to convert the old British Footpaths Handbook much easier and faster now.

This is the most important book in the series of 19 walking guides books authored by Richard Hayward.  It shows how to handle money, locate B&B’s, find pubs, and spend as little money as possible on your walking trip along the English waymarked pathways.

Richard was not able to switch to digital cameras due to the momentum of his large volume of pictures he had accumulated on film and due mostly to his advanced cancer.  The number of good pictures he took between 1985 and 2006 might exceed 5000.  I have just now started to review the prints from the film packages.  I am mostly looking for the original negatives he shoot of the pictures on the back of each of his guide books.  With my new high quality scanner I am able to scan his negatives, and photoshop them for and paste in the digitized covers I now have from Applied Digital Imaging in Bellingham.  When done I am able to make a much better cover picture than he originally had.

At this time I have also nearly rewritten the PHOTOGRAPHY chapter.

The next chapter in the Handbook I need to focus on is PACKING and how to keep your small pack as light as possible.  Richard was able to hold his pack weight to below 8 to 9 pounds and at times less then 8 pounds.  I will lay out our packing list and why we take certain items and how we use them.


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