Continue British Footpath Handbook

October 17, 2008

I continue to work on the Handbook for British Footpaths guide books.  This has turned out to be significantly more work than I originally anticipated.  Mostly I am adding and converting the book so there are as many website addresses as possible so things can be researched better.

I am adding information on sewing your own and to get linked to good sources.  I have modified the Photography section for digital cameras.  I have adjusted the costs for travel to reflect current prices.  I have reworked the packing list to include a spread sheet for Donna myself and the one used by Richard Hayward.  Like everything else I have incorporated websites for maps and guide books and added some wisdom on selecting a path for “you”.  I will eventually consolidate all the websites and place on my website and here in this Blog so people can copy and paste addresses easily.

Because of Donna’s and my special diets I have tried to craft some information that we have gleaned from our walks in Britain.

We will see if I can add information about Northern Ireland and Ireland.  This would help because of the published “Dingle Way” and the yet to be published “Giant’s Causeway”. This may have to wait until I get a chance to walk these areas first.

Good walking to all you folks.

Fred Austin


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