October 29, 2008

I have now started my InDesign class.  This graphics art class will help me tweak my 19 book covers.

Here is a list of the items I need to use InDesign to change or modify the covers.

1.  As I near re-publication of all the modified books I have been working on for several months I will  assign new ISBN’s to them from those I received from Bowker.

2.  The second issue is to use the bar code generator for these new ISBN’s and place them as a white rectangle on the bottom of the back cover (look at most books).

3.  Currently the old original “physical” paste up master covers for making the 19 books include a short descriptive statement by Richard Hayward.  This I have modified to include the fact that Donna and me are continuing to walk and add our experience to edit, modify, correct and adjust the body of the text.

4.  I continue to search the many thousands of slides, negatives, and prints for the “best” pictures and for those Richard had chosen for his cover photos.  These I digitize with my new Epson scanner which makes very nice digital pictures available for pasting into the cover files.

5.  The logo needs to be slightly adjusted to be the correct size.  This logo designed by Richard was hand drawn and hand colored.  Richard would hand color each logo on each information page he handed out in his seminars.  He didn’t have a color printer or copier and his images were not digitized.  Richard would also hand color his business cards.  Under close examination you can see the strokes of his colored pencils.   The current logo used throughout the books and business cards, all faithfully capture Richard’s color scheme and his subtle colored pencil strokes he used.

6.  As I plow through the work of Richard and uncover the pictures and the various copyright editions I have discovered Richard was gradually changing his original theme on his back cover pictures.  Originally every back cover picture centered on him walking along the path in a picturesque setting.  In his later books and republished books he made some changes possible coinciding with his cancer, where he started changing the back cover picture to center on a clear distinctive path picture without him being centered.  He would add a small insert picture in a corner of the cover picture.  I have located the original of this small insert picture and I have carefully scanned to be added to the cover picture.  There is a neat story that I will flesh out and add inside to help people understand the underlying meaning behind the pictures.

7.  The background color of the current digitized covers all have a strong light green tint that needs correcting to a background of gray with a very light green tint.  I also need to capture the embedded colored thread pattern in the Beckett Cambric Marble cover paper stock. I will carefully scan a correctly colored patterned paper and use as the wallpaper to build the covers.

8. One final thing is to add my name as author with Richard Hayward on the newly published books I have prepared. I am thinking of “Richard Hayward & Fred Austin” because of the great deal of work I have done to convert to digital format and the additional information I have added from walking these path myself.


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