This year 2012, Donna and I started with the Isle of Wight where we walk a few short paths as we recovered from our Jet-Lag.

Next we headed for Cornwall to walk the Saint’s Way.  This is only a short path (~30 miles) but there are many churches, crosses, holy wells and sites dedicated to a number of saint going way back far before the medieval period.

Off to Penzance to see Saint Micheal’s Mount and we caught site of the Olympic torch as it passed through the town.

We revisited the Broughton Grounds Farm B&B where we finished our latest new walking guide called the Three Shires Way.

Next we headed for the Lakes District where we walked eastward (backward) along the Dales Way.  We visited the Crook of Lune Bridge which is the inspiration for Richard Hayward’s logo.

We stayed in Leeds for several days as we partially recovered from our intense chest colds.

Finally, we re-walked several sections of the Fife Coast Path which we will be teaching this fall at North Seattle Community College.  We will be adding some new B&B information and the status of some new sections to our latest edition of our Fife Coast guide.