Britishfootpaths Classes at North Seattle Community College

January 13, 2013

BRITISHFOOTPATHS By Fred and Donna Austin
Fred and Donna Austin, after 50 years of marriage and hundreds of backpacking and mountain climbing trips into the Cascade Mountains, want to share their experiences of walking the footpaths of Britain. They continue expanding the series of British Footpath guide books (covering England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland), started by their friend Richard Hayward, who stumbled upon his first waymarked British footpath in 1974, and continued happily following these paths to the end of his life. His love for these gentle pathways have helped many discover their own serendipitous journeys through his walking classes and his walking guidebooks.
Unlike our majestic wilderness, which demands carrying heavy packs up steep mountains, beyond the abilities of many, British footpaths only require a 10 lb pack for independent walking holidays, allowing you to joyfully meander between B&Bs.
Walking English countryside paths connects you with locals who do not treat you like tourists; after all you’re walking like everyone else in Britain.
In a single day you might pause to reflect beside a 2,500 year-old Celtic burial mound, feel the wind of time caressing your face on exploring an 1,800 year-old Roman wall, stride across a 1,000 year-old stone clapper bridge, breath-in the romantic memories of a 500 year-old medieval castle, or meander along the gentle curves of an 18th-century canal towards your next friendly village pub and B&B.


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