This is the harbor of Crail from the kissing gate on the path from Anstruther.

The Fife Coast Path is a gentle easy walk, possibly the easiest in Richard’s series. This walk is an example of one of the long distance paths in Britain you can experience following the British Footpath series of guide books.

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Do you like to walk? — Not power “speed” walking, not rugged hiking, not rock climbing, nor mountain trekking (all of which are rightfully good in their own ways) but walking, that is – walking in a gentle, thoughtful, meaningful way to deeply experience the rich fabric of history and the many shades of green in the countryside around you.

Can you walk about three miles in the morning, take a relaxed lunch break or enjoy a hand-packed picnic basket before carrying on for another three or four miles in the afternoon? Are you curious, are you interested in exploring? How about trundling around old castles? This Fife coast walk includes more churches, castles, Scottish tolbooths and doocotes (docotes – English) than any other Scottish county. Are you curious about the history of fishing and small boat building, and what about golf!? If any of these things interest you, this walk may be just what the doctor ordered for you.

Richard Hayward’s Fife Coast Path guide is a walking guide to the most accessible path in Scotland.

This guide allows a one or two week leisurely (~6 miles per day) paced walk along the beautiful Fife Coast. This walk carries you from Edinburgh to Saint Andrews on gentle, well cared for paths. There is no safer walk (including the US). You will experience wonderful, interesting caring people as you meander from one hamlet to the next. There are many frequent buses, taxis and trains readily available to assist if needed. A Fifer will be exceptionally friendly and helpful with any concern. You will find many B&B’s in all villages allowing a simple walk through, so you can pick out your favorite cottage. Usually there is no need to book ahead allowing the unfolding magic of serendipity to happen.

You will discover why Richard says, “A walking path is a life in miniature. You will discover that life is more than increasing its speed. While pursuing ancient footpaths through the British countryside, there is just you, and life’s daily adventures as they unfold before you. Welcome these with open arms, and your “pace” will take care of itself.”

To help you get started you may also want to try the British Footpath Handbook, “Independent Walking Tours of England, Wales, Scotland & Ireland.” This handbook is full of practical advice. Richard Hayward distills knowledge gleaned from over 30 years of slow rambling and fast thinking. It contains, how to do-it-yourself with a “wee” 8-10 pound pack and at significant daily savings (about $50-$60/day). The author’s suggestions save you money on airfare, trains, buses, B&B’s, postage, and photography. Richard’s guide are backed by the author’s own real experience of walking his waymarked paths and are full of enthusiasm and freshness only firsthand knowledge can provide. Excellent value!

Contact Fred Austin – – to discuss ordering this book or any other book listed on the website. You may also have questions about taking a self guided walking vacation along the easy waymarked countryside paths through layers of history. If you go you will find a walking vacation allows crossing paths with truly genuine people who live, love and who may help you experience a deeper sense of meaning. After a gentle British Footpaths walking vacation you will return refreshed, rekindled, re-awakened to life’s possibilities and you will look forward to you next walking path. A walking vacation is also the least expensive way to visit Britain and will leave you with memories, energy and enough money so you can afford to ramble once again over gentle fells and dales, ‘tween’ twittens and hedgerows, and through “wee” hamlets, all which continue beckoning for your return.


British Footpath Guide

August 27, 2008

I’ll be updating and adding information about Richard Hayward’s walking guide books.  There are currently 19 books published by British Footpaths.  There may be a few additional field notes that Richard left us that may serve to allow additional books to be published.  Currently I am converting Richard’s very old physical “paste” up masters to WORD documents b efore they get worn out.  Converting to WORD will allow updating, correcting, and changing the B&B list.  I have finished the following books.

  1. Fife Coast Guide
  2. Speyside Way & Moray Coast Path Guide
  3. Great Glen Way Guide
  4. Forth & Clyde Canal Walk
  5. Shropshire & Llangollen Canal Walk
  6. Cotswold Way & Windrush Way

I should be able to finish the Cornwall Coast Path by the end of September.

All 19 books are still available and are still being printed from Richard’s original masters.

If you are interested in more information or would like to buy one of Richard’s guide books please visit my site at:

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